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Our Instructor Positions are commission based pay per class. On top of being and instructor you also have the option to fill an admin position within the training division or an Operational Job assigned to a contract. 

Social Media Representative and Website Controller

Are you Tech Savy? Are you looking for an exciting opportunity in a rewarding career field with a Veteran owned and Family Operated Business? Look no further  we have the job for you!!!!!

Armed Security Guard

Must be Maryland Certified or Have the required training to meet Maryland State Police Certification Requirements and submit a Packet through us prior to hire. Must either Pay associated fees out of pocket or sign a minimum 18 month contract stating that you will not leave the company within 18 months and the company will pay.(Exceptions to 18 month policy granted on a case by case basis. All facts will be submitted and a decision voted on by the board of directors.

Unarmed Security Guard

See Armed Guard Description for further info

Private Investigator

Must have been previously licensed by another company or Law Enforcement Service including Military Police from all Branches. MPI/CID Schools are a Plus. If not previously licensed by another company resume must reflect sufficient training and experience as well as reputable references.